The AR Factor

The economic value of
Accounts Receivable Finance
to Europe's leading economies


The AR Factor

GE Capital’s AR Factor report evaluates the benefits that Accounts Receivable (AR) finance brings to Europe’s four largest national economies, quantifying how current levels of AR finance are contributing to economic output and assessing how increased usage could further improve the countries’ economic performance. 

The econometric modelling undertaken for this report reveals that:

  • By 2020, €59 billion of combined quarterly GDP across France, Germany, Italy and the UK as well as 1.66 million jobs would be reliant on the existence of AR finance.
  • Should AR finance usage increase to an optimal level, the combined GDP of those four nations could grow by an additional €53 billion per quarter and an additional 937,000 jobs could be created.

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(First published on 11 October 2011)

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French: Executive summary | French economy analysis
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Italian: Executive summary | Italian economy analysis

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