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Unlocking capital from your distribution channel

GE Capital is a dedicated distribution financing provider for manufacturers, distributors and dealers across a wide range of industry sectors including marine, IT, caravans and motor homes, motorcycles, scooters, all terrain vehicles, agriculture and industrial equipment. With more than 30 years experience in Europe alone, we improve liquidity for our partners, outsource dealer risk for manufacturers, support sales growth and enable enhanced terms and conditions for the dealer network.

What is distribution finance?

Distribution Finance provides crucial liquidity for manufacturers throughout the supply and distribution chain. From the sourcing of components, through the manufacturing process and on to the supply of product via distribution networks, GE Capital provides solutions which enable our customers to grow sales, de-risk their balance sheets and transfer the financial relationship with their distribution networks to our team of industry specialists.
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Why GE Capital

Pan-European presence and beyond

One of the world’s largest financial institutions, GE Capital supports manufacturing partners in most countries across the globe. Through these manufacturing partners, our Distribution Finance business connects to dealer networks in more than 25 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Advanced technology

Our advanced technology provides manufacturers with a great tool to help manage their flow of product and improve the performance of their distribution channel, thereby creating a distinct market advantage.

Tailored programmes

No business or industry sector is the same. That’s why GE Capital has dedicated industry experts to help manufacturers find a customised solution that exactly meets their needs.

Our services

Inventory Finance

Inventory Finance allocates dedicated purchase limits to approved dealers, allowing manufacturers to benefit from guaranteed payment for shipped product from a single source – GE Capital. With the additional benefits of the ironing out of seasonal DSO fluctuations and the transfer of distribution channel risk, GE Capital’s Inventory Finance products truly enable manufacturers to focus on their core business.

Finished Goods Finance

At the end of any manufacturing process, when product has been produced but has not yet been assigned to the customer or dealer network, a liquidity gap is created. GE Capital has a unique ability to leverage this finished inventory and provide funding at the individual asset level, enabling the capital tied up in the product to be unlocked and invested back in the business.

Industry expertise

GE Capital offers manufacturers and dealers a unique mix of deep financial knowledge and industry expertise, helping customers in a wide range of segments including marine, IT, caravans and motor homes, motorcycles, scooters, all terrain vehicles, agriculture and industrial equipment.
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GE Capital is a leading provider of accounts receivable financing and one of Europe's top 10 leasing providers.

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GE Capital´s partnership with Triumph has enabled them to expand sales of their iconic motorcycles from 3 to 35 countries

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