iQuote, the smart way to select your next company car

Quoted. Ordered. Delivered. With iQuote it’s that simple: iQuote simplifies and speeds up the car ordering process, making it easy for fleet managers to implement car policies that are tailored to their company’s needs.

iQuote is the ultimate solution to manage all new vehicle orders. It gives fleet managers a powerful solution to effectively implement their company car policy, and lets drivers choose, customise and order their new car directly online

Complete control on all new orders

iQuote can be completely customised to suit the specific needs of any organisation, creating different driver profiles and defining, for each profile, variables such as available models, service levels, insurance and preferred suppliers. When drivers order a new car, they will be shown the selection of models and options that are available to their profile.

Car configurations as unique as each driver

Drivers can choose and compare the model, colour, accessories and optional features of their car, calculate its cost… then save and start again from scratch! With iQuote, drivers can create different configurations and compare different models, real time, before submitting the order online. After all, driver satisfaction starts with choosing the right car.

Forget the paperwork - it’s all digital!

Ordering and approval processes become incredibly simple: drivers create quotes and submit their orders, which are then processed following a customisable workflow.

The fleet manager can opt for a manual approval process or a fully automated one. Email alerts are sent to the fleet managers to notify new orders or if their approval is needed. Email confirmations are sent to the drivers too, to confirm order acceptance or rejection and to update them on the status of their order. Orders can be tracked online at any time.

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iQuote is part of Online Key, GE Capital’s e-business suite for fleet customers, which also includes iManage and iReport.

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