Benefits to ScanSource resellers

It is the use of equipment that produces value for businesses – not the ownership. GE Capital helps your company sell equipment that is perhaps out of your customers’ immediate financial reach. With a flexible equipment financing solution from GE Capital, your customers will preserve their capital and existing credit lines, improve their cash-flow and maximise their buying power.

Having the ability to offer GE Capital’s financing to your customers puts you ahead of the competition. For financed solutions your receivable risk is reduced as you have a reliable source of payment from GE Capital.

Financing compliments solution-based sales without interrupting delivery or timelines. It can help overcome end-user objections, such as price objections, budget constraints, delayed purchasing roadmap, or the request for extended payment terms. Offering finance can move the discussion away from cash and discounts by providing a value added alternative if there is pressure on cash and budget.

With splitting the cost of a potentially larger solution into affordable monthly repayments without a large upfront payment. Financing opens up the opportunity for your business to up-sell larger value solutions.

You can capture your customers’ emerging technology refresh requirements by monitoring the expiry of the finance contracts and productively approach your customer base with a renewal offer.

GE Capital’s online platform allows you to process deals in a quick and simple way, which offers real-time quoting with credit decisions made in seconds. GE Capital will fully train your sales team on the online tool, enabling them to manage the wing to wing process from issuing a quote, through credit application, to completing the documents.

Customised financing to acquire any kind of equipment

Our equipment leasing specialists can structure bespoke solutions from a comprehensive range of financial products to reflect each customer’s unique situation. Whether businesses are working towards budgetary requirements, balance sheet and working capital enhancement, debt covenant management, or anything else, we will create an equipment finance solution that helps meet those requirements and goals.

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